Code of Ethics

Terms & Conditions

  • Donation once received shall neither refundable nor transferable.
  • Donation shall be utilized for fulfillment of the objectives of the society.
  • All donations shall be made by Demand Draft or Cheque or cash in favor of “SHUBHAM Educational society” payable at Pune.
  • Fill your personal details carefully while filling the application form. The society will not be responsible for any consequences due to mistakes in the application forms.
  • Person giving donation will not have any right to instruct the society in any manner. However, they may request for conducting activity for the fulfillment of the objectives of the society.
  • The society reserves the right for utilization of funds for attainment of its objects.
  • The society may reward any people in cash or in kind who are helping for attainment of its objectives.
  • The activities of the society may be spread all over in India.
  • In any case, only courts of law in Pune shall have jurisdiction for any dispute / controversy if remain unsolved in arbitration.
  • Alteration, modification, deletion, addition of rules & regulations may be made with regard to its objects but within the preview of objects stated in Memorandum of Association of society, Terms & Condition & Declaration as well without notice to the members.
  • All errors / omissions must be brought to the notice of the management within 15 days.
  • Check your ID, name, Bank No, Bank Name, PAN No., Mobile no., email, nominee detail etc details carefully.
  • All payments should be made through DD / Pay order in favor of “SHUBHAM Educational Society” payable at Pune.
  • Upon death of a Donor or member either his / her nominee or legal representative shall be entitled to get Payouts if any.
  • The Oragninsation has sole discretion and power to use the name and logo as deigned by the SHUBHAM Educational Society. No Donor or member can use these symbols, logo for printing his/her personal stationary and can not use it for any purpose other than the promotion of the programme.
  • Programme Subscribers can use only those printed material which has been printed and supplied by the SHUBHAM Educational Society.
  • Minimum age of subscribers / members should be 18 years and above.
  • No TDS certificate (Form 16A) will be issued without PAN Number.
  • Management has the sole right to accept / reject the membership or programme subscribers application.

Declaration: I do hereby solemnly declare that

1) I am a major & competent to make donation .

2) I am donating out of my income / past saving.

3) I am a person of sound mind & not indulge in any illegal / unlawful acts.

4) I have given donation to this society without any coercion or undue influence.

5) I shall not make / raise any demand from the society including donation once again.

6) I have accepted all terms & conditions prescribed by the society and I undertake that I shall abide the same.


  • Working as head & observe all activities undergoing through the society·
  • Work for development & enrichment of the society·
  • Prepare list of activities & make them happen·
  • Give permission to accomplish all activities·
  • Organize & manage General, Annual, Crucial & Board of directors meetings·
  • Take major decisions·
  • Invite for donations, meet designated personalities & lead the society·
  • Sign all documents and give permission to carry out activities

Vice Chairman

  • Work as chairman in the absence of chairman·
  • Help the chairman in society activities


  • Arrange all meetings·
  • Handle documentation activities·
  • Discuss & resolve all complaints, problems·
  • As per necessity handle all court activities

Executive President

  • Observe society activities·
  • Sign vouchers, financial documents daily·
  • Help & guide the management team to progress in the development of the society·
  • Observe all financial activities and take necessary actions·


  • Handle financial transactions·
  • Prepare annual budgets, profit-Loss account, balance sheet etc·
  • Receive donations, membership fees etc and maintain proper records.

Membership category

  • Motivator / Trainer / Teacher·
  • General member·
  • Life-Long member·
  • Student member·
  • Donor·
  • Volunteer.