SHUBHAM Educational Society Objectives:

  • Every child should be educated
  • Conduct training programs, courses for all round development of students
  • Scholarship: Financial support to poor, intelligent & needy students
  • Build a team of mutual benefit including Teachers, Managers, Students with society
  • Develop educational institutes like schools, colleges, including certificate courses like MSCIT, CCNA, hardware & networking etc.
  • Provide job opportunities & career, employment
  • Admission guidance (Engineering, Diploma, 12th, competitive examination etc)
  • Group by Students for Students.
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • All @ Education + Training + Management
  • Provide all resources (Book + CDs + Guidance + Knowledge + ++)
  • Computer courses
  • Life Management + Motivation
  • Students – Managers – Entrepreneurs – Businessmen – Working professionals All @ Education + Training + Management

Philosophy: SHUBHAM means

  • Best Luck
  • Always Happy & Prosperous!
  • You can! (You too can WIN!)
  • We do not wait for situations to turn favorable, we turn situations into favorable ones.
  • Offense is often considered the best form of defense.
  • Problems are never problems. Problems are facts. We find the solutions.
  • Like Lightning, Opportunity does not strike at the same place twice. One has to be alert to grab it when it knocks on your door.
  • Let's do it. So just do it.